Music video shot and produced on location in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Credit: directing and shooting video in the field, video editing with Adobe Premiere, audio producing and recording

On-camera interview with a wushu martial arts teacher who has spent the past decade studying under a Daoist master in China's Wudang Mountains and now uses those ancient practices to help people recovering from addiction and mental health issues. This interview was recorded at a location where he teaches in Sunnyvale, California.

Credit: producing, interviewing on camera, assisting with shooting video on location, writing and voicing narration, collaborating with videographer on post-production decisions in Adobe Premiere, audio mixing, audio editing for video

Music video shot and produced on location in rural Tennessee.

Credit: co-producing, developing video concept, assisting with shooting and directing video on location, audio producing and recording

Teaser trailer video shot and produced on location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Credit: assisting with shooting and directing video production and post-production, audio producing and recording, writing and voicing narration, music scoring and editing

360-degree virtual reality footage shot on location in rural Arizona.

Credit: shooting 360 camera footage and assisting with capturing drone aerial footage on location

Music video produced with public domain archival footage from educational nature videos.

Credit: directing video using archival footage, video editing with Adobe Premiere, audio producing and recording

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